Friday, November 16, 2012

Global Consumer Confidence Subdued

Nielsen Global Online Consumer Confidence Survey

Global Consumer Confidence Subdued

Global consumer confidence increased one index point in third quarter to a score of 92 as consumers are caught between very slow improvement in some regions, and the threat of further crises posed by economic volatility, according to consumer confidence findings from Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy.

“The subdued third-quarter results reflect an overall trend that is neither positive nor negative as consumers are treading water very carefully,” said Dr. Venkatesh Bala, chief economist at The Cambridge Group, a part of Nielsen. “Consumers played it safe in Q3, especially in Europe, which still faces a very precarious economic situation despite some recent stabilizing policy initiatives by the European Central Bank. Export growth from China, especially to the Euro zone, has slowed substantially accompanied by restraint among consumers there. Consumers in the U.S., while less directly impacted by Europe, continue to be cautious in the face of an uneven recovery, marked by still-elevated unemployment levels and disappointing payroll growth.”

Key Findings
● Recessionary sentiment grew
● Minimal shift reported in discretionary spending patterns
● Global consumers continued to cut back
● Biggest concerns centered on economy and jobs
● North America posted most positive confidence increase

Global Online Consumer Confidence The current reading of 92 (+1) is above the chart average (90.6).

Global Online Consumer Confidence by Region Asia Pacific continues highest at 100 (no change), followed by Middle East/Africa at 98 (no change), and Latin America at 94 (-2). North America is next at 91 (+3). Europe continues trailing at 74 (+1).

Confidence by Country

Indonesia and India are the most most optimistic countries at 119, followed by Philippines 118, United Arab Emirates 114, Saudi Arabia 113, Thailand 112, Brazil 100, China 106, Malaysia 105, and Switzerland 104.

Hungary continues as the most pessimistic country at 37, followed by South Korea 40, Croatia 41, Portugal 41, Greece 46, Italy 46, Spain 48, Japan 59, Romania 60, and France 61.

U.S. Consumer Confidence Consumer confidence in the U.S. increased +3 to 90 and is higher mid-tier worldwide. Previous readings were 87 in Q2 2012, 92 in Q1 2012, 83 in Q4 2011, 77 in Q3 2011, 78 in Q2 2011, 83 in Q1 2011.


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