Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Major Stock Indexes Update


Below are the related ETF daily charts for the major indexes, from the 3-9-09 market lows up through today, 3-17-10:
IWM - Russell 2000
SPY - S&P 500
DIA - Dow Jones Industrial Average

All the indexes are at 2010 YTD closing highs.  All the indexes are in both intermediate-term and long-term bull markets:
Intermediate-Term Bull Market 25 day simple moving average is greater than 50 day simple moving average.
Long-Term Bull Market Current closing price is greater than 10 month exponential moving average.

For each chart below:
1) The highest yellow horizontal  line is the current closing price, Wednesday, March 17, 2010
2) The second highest yellow horizontal line is the former YTD high in January 2010, before the 2010 pullback.
3) The third highest horizontal yellow line is the 12-31-09 YE closing price.
4) The lowest yellow horizontal yellow line is the 10 month exponential moving average, the long-term bull or bear market signal.
5) The downtrend line is from the index all-time high closing  price down through the January 2010 YTD closing high, before the 2010 pullback.
6) The uptrend line is from the March 9, 2009 closing low up through the February 2010 YTD lowest closing price, the bottom of the 2010 pullback.

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